Compostable Coffee Pods Vs Reusable Coffee Pods

October 27, 2021 4 min read

What are compostable coffee pods?

Compostable coffee pods are an innovative way to enjoy your favourite coffee at home. They’re made from plant-based materials, so they break down in the environment without harming it or leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

How do you use them?

Simply place your eco-friendly pods into your coffee pod machine just like normal and voila! It's that simple. The only difference is that instead of throwing away after each use, simply toss them directly into your garden if it's a residential compostable grade, or into a commercial grade composter. Check your local council to find the closest commercial composter.

Compostable Coffee Pods

Why choose compostable coffee pods over traditional disposable coffee pods?

Disposables can be quite wasteful. Not only do they cost around the same amount of money as compostable, but also they pollute our landfills by taking up space and creating toxic fumes. Compostable coffee pods, on the other hand, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

What are compostable coffee pods made of?

Compostable coffee pods can be made from a variety of plant-based materials. The most common materials are
They're completely safe to drink coffee from and in fact, many people prefer the taste!

Who are coffee compostable capsules for?

Coffee capsules are another great alternative for those who want to reduce their waste footprint. These little containers come with an airtight seal, which makes sure no spillage occurs during brewing. Once brewed, throw them straight into the bin where they'll break down quickly.

Is composting safe?

Absolutely yes! We've been doing it since day one and haven't had any issues yet. Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. It does not produce harmful gases or odors.

Where can I buy compostable coffee pods online?

We have eco-friendly compostable pods in two flavours, Lucid & Dark Matter. Lucid sits on the lighter side of our roast profiles. Using our unique air roaster, we are able to caramelise all the sugars and properly develop the flavours of this blend. The result is bright, juicy and complex while still highlighting the caramel notes in our Colombian and Brazilian coffees. Our house blend, Dark Matter, has dark chocolate flavours associated with South American coffee. Combined with a punchy, full bodied India high-grade robusta and clean, crisp acidity from PNG, it cuts through milk easily and makes for an excellent traditional espresso.

Lucid Dark matter

What are reusable coffee pods?

Reusable coffee pods are pods usually made from stainless steel that you can open to fill with your ground coffee. You simply fill with your favourite coffee grind, tamp, then seal the lip. In this approach, the type of coffee bean, fine or coarse grind & the fill level will determine to overall taste at the end. You'll need to practice this a couple of times to determine the best ratios for your taste.
You can reuse this same pod over and over again by washing out the grounds before reusing.

What are the benefits?

This is for people that are very particular about their coffee. You get the choice the type of beans, the strength, & the flavour, which makes it a popular choice among the coffee enthusiast. The drawback is that you'll need to spend more time in preparing the coffee & will also need to purchase a coffee grinder.

Are there any benefits to buying compostable vs reusable?​

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing compostable coffee pods:

1. Time

With compostable pods, you don't need to actually prepare anything, you just grab a pod and insert it into the coffee machine. With reusable pods, you'll need grind the coffee, put the right amount of coffee in the pods, then insert it. If you're in a rush, it's best to go with compostable.

2. Easy to use

When using reusable capsules, you'll need to learn how to grind coffee properly. How fine or coarse the coffee is will determine to overall end result of the taste. On top of that, if you make mistakes when grinding, you may be wasting money as well. When using compostable pods, you won't need to worry about these things because everything happens automatically. Just pop in the pod, turn on the machine, wait until it finishes, remove the pod, rinse off the capsule, toss it away. No mess, no fuss.

3. Environmentally friendly

Both compostable and reusing capsules are both great eco-friendly options.

4. Cost effective

Both options offer great value for money. If you compare the standard cost of a cup of coffee from a cafe is around $5, you'll be able to pay off a whole sleeve of pods for the price of two coffees. Stainless steel reusable pods start at $50, so this would be considered a more of a longer term approach.

5. Taste

At Podify Coffee, we stand by our coffee. We source, roast and pack our good coffee right here in Sydney. We want to make sure you have the same coffee experience inside and outside a cafe so we have perfected the taste of our best sellers Lucid & Dark Matter.

Don't take our word for it, try our sample pack & enjoy great tasting coffee! We believe in using the best beans to make quality coffee. Discover our range of delicious premium Nespresso compatible coffee pods & capsules today!